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The best time to make  business in Russia is now!

Russian embargo against USA and EU cuts the foods import in Russia by half.

So, less business rivals, less known trademarks , less managerial interferences!

It is your possibility to take place in the one of biggest market in the world!

International ECO BIO center is ready to help you!

We can propose you the most reasonable and prompt solution for the participation
 in our shows:

ECO BIO FORUM  (Voronezh, December 4-7, 2014)

 and ECO BIO SALON of  PRODEXPO 2015 ( Moscow, February 9-13).

With us you can begin to make your new contracts already in 2 months!

What service you can have in our shows ?

* Promotion and presentation of the  companies and goods from different countries
 with discount to 25 % for stand space!  .

* Participation in the special conference for the advancement the  eco-bio goods in the Russian market, presentations, other actions include in SALON’s programme – free !

*Participation in business-meetings organized by International ECO BIO center – free !

* Placement of advertising and promotional materials in own editions and web-sites  of International ECO BIO center and exhibition PRODEXPO – free !

* Placement of the  advertising and promotional materials in the special Information point in reception – free!

* Further cooperation with International ECO BIO center of the distribution of ecologic and bio goods in the Russian market. Free for members of Association BE ECO International group.

Applications for participations :


e-mail:  biocenter_ru@orange.fr