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We are the organization which have humanitarian mission as a provider of the relevant social ideas of the eco-bio movement to protect the environment and human health and to boost a stable demand for natural products certified under the international eco-bio standards. With a view to mental, cultural and economic differences between European nations and the Russian people, we are intent on bringing together people of different nations and social groups and their interests in environmental safety in all spheres of life.

For more details on our work, go to OUR ACTIVITIES section.

We also intend to encourage the promotion of the latest achievements by Russian and foreign scientists in environmental protection and to present new types of eco-bio products made by both Russian and European manufacturers. In this context, we are making our best efforts to engage companies and organizations interested in finding new partners in Russia and Europe. We help such companies contact their prospective partners, organize meetings, negotiations and business trips. The Center offers an ambitious program of informational, advertising, promotional and educational support to all our project participants. It includes forums, seminars and conferences hosted by the Center, participation in Russian and international exhibitions, special-purpose events, engagement of international associations amongst many other things.



* Raise awareness of Russian citizens about ideas, history and achievements of the eco-bio movement abroad

* Attract their attention to this movement and eventually engage all stakeholders

* Promote new eco-bio products on the Russian market and give a detailed description of their features and methods of manufacture

* Promote Russian-made natural products on the European market and facilitate their registration under the international eco-bio standards

* Generate a stable demand for high-quality organic products

* Encourage Russian manufacturers to make eco-compliant products

* Draw attention of government and public international and national organizations to our work

* Hold salons, presentations, forums, conferences and educational events in our offices in Moscow and France and exhibition sites, enterprises, farms, etc.